Since 1988 Stainless Motors, Inc. has been producing the world’s finest and most reliable stainless steel washdown duty motors. Leaders in the pharmaceutical, food processing, and production industries rely on our motors to operate in mission-critical and demanding applications day in and day out.  And critical to the performance and reliability of our motors is the quality of the motor winding inside. Its ability to withstand harsh industrial usage and the stresses imposed by inverter power are what make this motor winding stand out as superior.

When we began hearing from our customers that they had difficulty locating specialized windings and configurations, we realized that there was a need for a product that we had the ability to provide.  While some larger manufacturers had moved away from designing custom windings, Stainless Motors viewed this market as an opportunity to supply customers with a quality product they might not find elsewhere.  And SM Windings was created.

SM Windings Design and Production Headquarters - Stator Windings
stator ready for winding


Stainless Motors, Inc. is now making our winding engineering and manufacturing expertise available to everyone. When it comes to custom motor winding design and production, SM Windings gives you the advantage.  When your application calls for a winding with non-standard specifications, SM Windings is ready to find the solution for you.  Custom solutions range from  using special materials, windings that can withstand exposure to chemicals and solvents, extreme high and low temperature windings, and modifiying design factors that influence the electrical characteristics of the winding.  We offer flexibility in material selection and design specifications that allow for producing the exact product required for almost any application.  Our current capability includes AC windings suitable for NEMA frame sizes 48-400, in 2, 4, 6, and 8 pole designs.  And every new day brings a new design, so contact us with your requirements.