Custom windings are our specialty, but we deal with many different aspects of electric motors.  These are some of the questions we often receive and their respective answers.  If you don’t see your question answered here, contact us for more information and we will gladly get you the information you need.

Absolutely. All of our products are available for purchase as components or complete assemblies.

Yes, we have the ability to meet this and other custom requests. Contact sales for more information.

Yes, as long as the housing is stainless steel. We do not produce steel or cast iron housings.

Yes, we have experience with products up to 150Hz and our engineering team would be happy to discuss your requirements.

No, our experience and expertise revolves around AC induction single and three phase motors, and the stators and rotors are optimized for that usage.

Our engineering team would be happy to discuss your specific requirements, and if we can meet your needs – we will!

SM Windings was founded in answer to the lack of availability of quality custom and standard motor windings.  Our parent company, Stainless Motors, Inc. has been a leader in washdown duty motors and gearmotors for years, consistently exceeding customer’s expectations.  That expertise coupled with the desire to provide a quality product to customers with specific requirements or unusual applications is what drives SM Windings and sets us apart from the competition.